About the Firm
The goal of The Law Offices of Gerard J. Donnelly is a total commitment to connecting with clients.
The firm has recognized the importance of demonstrating a total service commitment to the diverse needs of the client with varied legal concerns.  The firm profoundly appreciates the need for legal representation which firmly connects attorney and client, representation which is reinforced through open communication.  In pursuit of  these goals, the firm prides itself on building lifelong relationships with clients relationships that grow even stronger over time through reliable and dependable legal counsel. 

Mr. Donnelly brings a wealth of experience to the pursuit of vigorous advocacy for his clients.  He served the County of Suffolk as both an Assistant District Attorney and Assistant County Attorney for the Suffolk County Department of Law.  This civil and criminal practice background provides Mr. Donnelly with diverse yet balanced experience which has served his clients well.  In his capacity as a prosecutor and public servant, Mr. Donnelly has established numerous professional relationships while working in the public sector.  During this period of practice as a public service attorney, Mr. Donnelly developed many helpful insights into the internal functioning of the court system.  This understanding has enabled Mr. Donnelly to safely guide his clients through the judicial process.